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New Friday the 13th Movie.

From Bloody-Disgusting.Com:

IGN writes, "Oscar-winner Quentin Tarantino is in final negotiations to write and direct the Ultimate Jason Voorhees Movie, an all new Friday the 13th for New Line.

While the rumor mill had long suggested that the next movie might be Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash, that project never came together for a number of reasons.

Fans will instead be treated to the Ultimate Jason Voorhees Movie. The project will be a co-venture between New Line and Paramount Pictures. It is expected to be a "quickie" that could get underway as early as this year!

Tarantino's production company, A Band Apart, referred us to the William Morris Agency. A rep at WMA would only advise us that Tarantino has "not yet" been offered the job while refusing to elaborate any further."

EDIT: QT claims now he won't be directing a new Friday the 13th movie. The Fucker...
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