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Favorite new horror movies?

We always have the "favorite horror movie" question...but does anyone have any new favorite horror movies?

Currently I'm obsessed with the Children of the Corn series...I've only seen three of them so far, lol...but eventully I'll see them all! Mawahahaha. I rent one a week. :-D
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I liked Saw... haven't really seen any other new horror movies... "May" is also good.

Your icon is amazing, David.
Thanks!!...Napoleon Dynamite is my favorite movie right now...!
I now officially HAVE to see that.
I'm really into the Alien Quadrilogy @ the moment. Mostly 2-4. The first one is okay.

Some of my other newest favorites are: Sasquatch, The Village, Seed of Chucky and Alien Vs. Predator...that's all I can think of @ the moment. ^.^