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*New* Psychic Readings and other updates.

There's this new guy on the forum named Ryan I met on another forum. Anyway, he's psychic I guess and we opened a new Psychic Readings chatroom. It's all *free*, so post away if you wanna reading. I'm going to have him do a test reading on me though so I can see how accurate he is and if he's BSing me then I'll just tell him the Psychic reading thingy will be closed for now. I don't wanna BS people, so hopefully he does well!

Also, new changes on THP of course! More active members and I'm also trying to re-connect with people on the forum that haven't been on in awhile so they can become active again.

I've also been adding more co-mods so that way if a mod or co-mod takes leave for a bit the forum will still be covered with someone else. Everyone seems to be happy with this, hehe! It's fun watching everyone congratulate people on having new positions on the forum and it just makes people feel more appreciated and welcomed, which is how I want everyone on the forum to feel. It sounds corny I know, but a lot of the forums I have visited and been on in the past really don't give many chances to new members or even dedicated ones.

Thanks to everyone who has been helping with promoting the forum and for those who have been inviting their friends! Like I've said before it's always fun to have people you know on there. It helps, but with THP it's easy to make friends on there and I'm really glad the forum is doing better than ever. :)
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